Audio Abstracts are changing the way scientific research is being communicated. Watch Sophia’s video below where she delves into her article ‘Change of Direction & Agility Tests: Challenging our Current Measures of Performance’, highlighting the purpose of the study, its limitations and the practical applications. If you want to read the abstract or access the full paper (where available), all links are below.

The full paper can be found on Researchgate.

Sophia can be found on Twitter @docsoph

Abstract: The ability to change direction is a highly valued athletic quality in sport and has been measured extensively. Despite the importance and magnitude of research on change of direction (cod) and agility, the validity of the performance measures used to assess these abilities have faced limited scrutiny. A critical evaluation of our current measures of cod and agility are presented. furthermore, a summary of recommendations to enhance the validity of cod and agility assessment is provided in the ultimate effort to improve our understanding of this crucial athletic quality.