Audio Abstracts are changing the way scientific research is being communicated. Watch Chris’ video below where he delves into his article ‘The Effectiveness of Repeated Sprint Training to Enhance International Rugby League Player Fitness & Performance: A Case Report’, highlighting the purpose of the study, its limitations and the practical applications. If you want to read the abstract or access the full paper (where available), all links are below.

The full paper can be found on Sport Performance & Science Reports

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Headline: The physiological demands of Rugby League (RL) are complex and position specific (1). Players’ must be fast, powerful and agile, whilst maintaining a highly developed maximal aerobic capacity (2,3). The full-back position covers the greatest total (≈6800m) and high-speed running distances (583 m) during match-play (4). Given these physical prerequisites, this case-report documents the effectiveness of a two-week, repeated-sprint training (RST) micro-cycle to supplement the normal training regime of a male, semi-professional full-back prior to a major international tournament.

Aim. The substantial number (n = 9 [37%]) of part-time professional RL players selected within one squad for a major international tournament (2016 Rugby League Four Nations) against full-time professional players, implies that there is a likely a problem and, or deficit to in training status to be resolved. Therefore, the necessity for a short-term, supplementary training intervention which has the capacity to enhance multiple components of player physical fitness and match-play performance characteristics, which can run concurrently with part-time players’ regular domestic club training regime is of relevance and desirable. Consequently, the primary aim of this case-report was to explore and present the effectiveness of implementing
a two-week RST intervention to enhance discrete physical fitness and match-play characteristics during the lead in phase of a major RL international tournament.