Audio Abstracts are changing the way scientific research is being communicated. Watch Shyam’s video below where he delves into his article ‘Force-time Characteristics of the Countermovement Jump: Analyzing the Curve in Excel’, highlighting the purpose of the study, its limitations and the practical applications. If you want to read the abstract or access the full paper (where available), all links are below.

The full paper can be found on Researchgate

Shyam can be found on Twitter @shy_2tweet

Abstract: Increased popularity in the utilization of force plates to measure countermovement jumps (cmjs) for performance monitoring warrants the need for strength and conditioning coaches and sport scientists to better understand its force time characteristics and the calculation of its associated variables. this article aims to provide information on how to understand and analyze the force time curve of cmjs in microsoft excel, thus providing practitioners an inexpensive and accessible alternative to readily available software on the market