Audio Abstracts are changing the way scientific research is being communicated. Watch Ian’ video below where he delves into his article ‘Mechanical Limitations to Sprinting and Biomechanical Solutions: A Constraints-led framework for the Incorporation of Resistance Training to Develop Sprinting Speed’, highlighting the purpose of the study, its limitations and the practical applications. If you want to read the abstract or access the full paper (where available), all links are below.

The full paper can be found on Researchgate

Abstract: Despite strong theoretical evidence, the effectiveness of resistance training methods on sprinting performance are not always demonstrated experimentally. Accelerative sprinting is limited by the requirement of a forward-directed ground reaction force during progressively shorter stance phases that accompany higher sprinting speeds, while maximal speed sprinting is limited by the application of sufficient vertical impulse during stance, constraining minimal stance durations. Considering the mechanical limitations and the biomechanical solutions employed by the fastest sprinters from a constraints-led perspective provides a framework from which practitioners can explore the incorporation of resistance and sprint training in the development of long-term training programs.