Bo comes on the podcast with an incredible CV, initially working in college sport at University of Michigan and recently moving onto working alongside Duncan French (guest #162 on the Pacey Performance Podcast) at the UFC Performance Institute. In this episode we were able to go DEEP on the exact process that Bo goes through when designing programmes for fighters competing in UFC. This is probably the most detailed any guest has gone into when it comes to programme design. Enjoy!

In this episode, you will learn –

  • Who is Bo Sandoval (background, education and current role)
  • Strength & power profiling
  • Designing training programmes – step by step process
    • Considerations
    • Individualisation
    • Needs analysis
  • Interactions within the high performance team
    • How this drives programming
  • ‘Sports Management Institute Executive Program’

Bo can be found on Twitter @OlyStrength

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