With ‘2 full-time jobs’, Sam Robertson is the Head of Research & Innovation at both Victoria University and Western Bulldogs in the AFL. Sam is best known for his views and experience of machine learning and analytics (which are demonstrated in this excellent presentation) as well as his expertise in facilitating applied research. Although Sam was on the first day of his holiday in Mexico City when we spoke, if you are interested in the area of ‘big data’, you will love this episode. Sam mentioned quite a few papers in this episode which can be found on his Researchgate page.

In this episode, you will learn –

  • Who is Sam Robertson (background, education and current role)
  • Machine learning
    • What is it?
    • Tools
    • Use in practice & research
  • Predictions
    • Injury
    • Future performance
    • Training load
    • Ethical issues

Sam can be found on Twitter @Robertson_SJ

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