In this episode I am speaking to High Performance Manager at Cronulla Sharks in the NRL, Andrew Gray. After a multitude of questions on the back of my episode with Mathieu Lacome and Martin Buchheit where they both mentioned a piece of software called ADI. Andrew is the owner of Athlete Data Innovations (ADI) which is used by PSG, Celtic & Real Madrid among a number of other clubs across the globe. However, there is very little information out there on ADI so it was great to get Andrew on to dive into the intricacies of the system. We also get into some really interesting chats about what is going on at Cronulla Sharks. Enjoy.

In this episode, you will learn –

  • Who is Andrew Gray (background, education, current role etc)
  • ADI
    • Vision behind it
    • Users
    • Benefits
  • Player tracking
    • Where its at?
    • Where its going?
  • Role at the Sharks
    • Info delivered to coaches
    • Info collected behind the scenes
  • Keeping players on the pitch
    • Measuring impact
  • 2016’s success
    • What was special?

Andrew can be contacted via email at

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