In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Lecturer at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and App Developer, Carlos Balsalobre. Pretty much everyone in the world of sports science and strength and conditioning will know Carlos’ work whether that be MyJump, Runmatic or MyLift. His work has brought testing and monitoring to the masses through his innovative apps, allowing people who previously used unreliable, time consuming methods to use something that 99.9% of people have in 2019, a smart phone. This conversation with Carlos highlights to unbelievable work which goes on in the field by people who see a problem and create a solution.

I hope you enjoy this episode with Carlos Balsalobre.

  • Who is Carlos Balsalobre (education, background, current role)
  • Apps
    • The reason behind these developments?
    • Where they fit into practice?
    • How you use them with your athletes?
      • The future
  • App and wearable tech
    • Past, present and future
    • Big player involvement – Apple etc
    • Integration of tech into clothing
  • Challenges as an applied sports scientist in Spain
    • Linked to Lorena Torres and Yann Le Meur’s recent article

Carlos can be found on Twitter @cbalsalobre

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