In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Head of Strength & Power at GWS Giants, Alex Natera. Anyone that has read or seen Alex’s work knows that he is an incredible practitioner. He first came on the podcast back in episode 44 and 45 chatting about sprinting and also his PhD in repeat power ability. This episode we cover some of the same topics but get a refresher on how Alex thinks about these things but new to this episode is some amazing discussion around isometrics, something Alex has become world-renowned for. This is an incredible chat with Alex and one I know you will absolutely love.

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Hope you enjoy this episode with Alex Natera.

  • Who is Alex Natera?
  • Philosophical changes over the last 5 years – what have you changed your mind on?
  • Developing a sprint programme
    • Working with sprinters vs team sports
      • Learnings from institute life
    • Run specific isometrics – building the system into the wider programme
    • Max strength training vs co-ordinative strength
  • In-season maintenance/development
  • ‘Repeated power ability’
    • Thoughts changed on this?

Alex can be found on Twitter @alex_natera

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