In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Coach and CEO at ALTIS, Stu McMillan. This episode is 5 years in the making after much stalking on my part to get Stu on and I am so grateful that he was able to squeeze me into a packed schedule, despite the corona virus disruption. There were so many things that I wanted to cover in this episode and given Stu’s experience and knowledge, we could have gone for hours. Thank you to the guys that DM’d me with questions for Stu, I hope I did them justice.

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Hope you enjoy this episode with Stu McMillan.

In this episode we discussed…

  • Who is Stu McMillan (background, education & current role)?
    • The vision
    • Education
  • Team sports athletes
    • Underpinning characteristics of speed
    • Contextual vs isolated sprinting
      • Transitioning from one to the other
  • Weight room philosophy
    • Team sport athletes vs track athletes
  • Assessments
    • Profiling
      • Team sports vs track athletes
    • Ongoing monitoring to adjust programming

Stu can be found on Twitter @stuartmcmillan1

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