In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Head of Strength & Conditioning at Denver Broncos, Loren Landow. I am absolutely honoured to speak to someone I have admired from a far for a long time. I don’t normally get nervous when jumping on a podcast but I certainly did when seeing Loren on the screen looking back at me. We talked all things movement and many of the talking points were based off some presentations Loren has given in the past, particularly his UKSCA talk, ‘Movement mastery: “the art of multi directional speed” which was excellent and is well worth a watch.

I hope you enjoy this episode with Loren Landow.

In this episode we discussed…

  • Who is Loren Landow (background, education & current role)?
  • Agility & change of direction
    • Frontal and transverse plane
      • Exercises and drills to emphasise this
    • Identifying energy leaks
      • Foot positioning
        • ‘The knee is the servant of the foot and the hip’
        • The role of foot stability and foot intrinsics to deceleration and COD
    • Making athletes more efficient
    • What are the tools in your agility and COD toolbox?
  • Deceleration
    • Importance of coaching this quality
    • Coaching deceleration
  • Coaching linear speed to team sport athletes
    • Identifying what to focus on first
    • Basics that everyone should be doing?
      • Progressions
      • Use of video to emphasise points to athletes
    • Difference in players and positions?

Loren can be found on Twitter @lorenlandow

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