In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Athletic Performance Coach for Football at Indiana University, Cam Josse. I am absolutely delighted to get Cam on the podcast today. I was lucky enough to see Cam present at the Coaches vs Covid-19 conference at the start of April and ask him a few questions. His presentation was incredible and we used that presentation as a framework for this episode. After having Jonas Dodoo on the podcast last week, Cam and I focused on max speed for today’s focus. If you work with sprinters or with team sport athletes, there will be plenty of information in there for you.

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In this episode we discussed…

  • Who is Cam Josse (background, experience and current role)?
  • Max speed
    • Benefits of max speed in team sports
    • Testing splits
    • Enhancing segments with specific exercises
      • Strength speed – speed strength – reactive and elastic ability – max speed ability
    • Fitting a sprinters model onto a team sport athlete
      • Drilling too much?
    • Force vector theory
    • Team sport athlete common faults
      • The butt-kicker
        • How faults can lead to secondary and tertiary issues (injury etc)
      • The forward-leaner
      • The over-archer

Cam can be found on Twitter @IUCoachJosse

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