In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast I am speaking to Major League Sports Science Coordinator at the LA Dodgers, Kate Weiss. When Patrick Ward at the Seattle Seahawks says that I should speak to someone, I listen. After every episode of the podcast I ask for recommendations for future guests and when I asked Patrick, Kate was the first name he mentioned. Kate works for one of the biggest franchises in US sport, the LA Dodgers and in this episode we focus on the condensed season which has been forced upon many in pro sport because of Covid-19. Baseball has a grueling schedule during a normal year but this situation has made it chaotic to say the least.

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In this episode we discussed…

  • Who is Kate Weiss (background, education and current role)?
    • Being a female in sports science/S&C
    • Training load monitoring
      • Managing load to mitigate injury risk
        • Daily/weekly processes
      • How has your thinking developed in this area during and post PhD?
      • Global loading metrics > peripheral loading metrics (on the shoe for running, arm for throwing etc)
      • Communication of data
    • Recovery strategies
      • Objectively quantifying fatigue
      • Practices you use to ensure players are ready, day after day

Kate can be found on Twitter @kaitweissphd

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