In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast I am speaking to Head of Sports Science & 1st Team fitness Coach at Southampton FC, Alek Gross. It was an absolutely pleasure to get Alek on again and speak to a fellow Yorkshireman. Alek featured in episode 96 so after 5 years it was well worth an update. It is so refreshing to have someone of Alek’s position in Premier League football speak so openly about what he does and doesn’t do in his environment. If you are interested in the realities of working in professional football at the first-team level, give this a listen.

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In this episode, we discuss –

  • Who is Alek Gross (background, education and current role)
  • Dealing with Covid
    • Forcing players to be independent
    • Programming and planning for an uncertain return
    • Reflections
  • Speed in football
    • Individualising repeat sprint ability
    • Influencing pitch based training
      • “We don’t have time, just get them to sprint” is a common argument against the overemphasis on drilling
    • Transfer
  • Advice for young practitioners
    • Universities vs applied world
    • Getting and keeping a job in football
Alek can be found on Twitter @aleksgross

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