In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast I am speaking to Sports Science Coordinator & Assistant Strength & Conditioning at Miami Dolphins, Adam Lachance. Adam has a fascinating story, coming from a military background and ending up at the Dolphins after studying at the University of Miami. For someone who by his own admission is more or an S&C coach than what we may class as a sports scientist, he is doing an incredible job. Bridging the gap between the two roles and the technical coaches is something we dive deep into during this episode as I feel that this is sometimes missed in conversations about sports technology.

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In this episode, we discuss –

  • Who is Adam Lachance (background, education and current role)
  • How the military has influenced your career?
    • What pro sport can learn from the military
  • Force plate analysis
    • Performance
      • Collecting trainable metrics
      • Improving metrics through training
    • Readiness & fatigue
      • Metrics and analysis
    • Reviewing technology
      • Which metrics can we trust?
    • Feedback of information
  • The sports science position
    • Understanding the constraints of the game, environment, competition
    • Being athlete facing vs being behind a laptop
Adam can be found on LinkedIn HERE.

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