In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Consultant, Coach and Author, Paul Gamble. I first asked Paul to come on the podcast back in 2014 after I had read a number of his books and was a regular reader of his blogs; and Since then he has moved across to New Zealand and then over to Vancouver where he has worked with track and field athletes as well as consulting across various other sports. I love the way Paul thinks and his ability to be skeptical yet pragmatic on issues within our industry. He actually wrote a piece for strengthofscience on the acute chronic ratio which aged very well…

In this episode we discussed…

  • Who is Paul Gamble (background, education and current role)?
  • The athlete
    • Responsibility and accountability
    • Self therapy
    • ‘Self-screen’
  • The coach
    • The Illogic Of Being Data Driven
    • Mentoring
      • Practitioner health
        • Sustainability
      • Upholding our standards – Accountability to the ‘hard questions’
      • CPD
  • The developing athlete
    • A practical take on LTAD
    • Gaps in youth athlete development and how we can plug them

Paul can be found on Twitter @P_Gamble

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