In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast I am speaking to Director of Performance at the Philadelphia 76ers, Lorena Torres. Lorena is back on the podcast after she appeared alongside Brian Gearity and Sophia Nimphius discussing the barriers for women in S&C which was one of the most downloaded episodes of all time on the Pacey Performance Podcast. This episode goes in a different direction than the previous episode with Sophia, focusing on some of her research, work at the 76ers and some of her thoughts and philosophies on sports technology, conditioning, and strength training in basketball.

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In this episode we discussed…

    • Who is Lorena Torres (background, experience and current role)?
    • Female working in male sport
    • HIIT
      • Philosophy
      • Designing drills to maximise physical AND technical outcomes
    • Sports technology
      • Challenges with data management, data analysis and data delivery
      • Inertial sensors in basketball
    • Strength and power training in team sports
      • Philosophy
      • Periodisation in and out of season
      • Session design

Lorena can be found on Twitter @lorenatorres07

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