In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast I am speaking to Founding Partner at Elite Performance Partners, David Slemen. This episode could possibly be the most important episode I have ever done. David gives us some incredible insights into what employers really want from their performance staff. David has worked alongside hundreds of organisations to help them find the best staff. The FA, Leicester Tigers and the LTA are just some of his clients. If you are wanting to break into the industry or are wanting to take the next step on the career ladder, this episode is an absolute must.

In this episode, we discussed…

  • Who is David Sleman (background, education and current roles)
    • Elite Performance Partners
      • Aims and services
  • The rise of specialist-generalists
    • What really matters to employers
      • Same for those organisations that don’t come to you?
    • ‘Cultural fit’
      • Gauging that when searching for candidates
  • The effects Covid-19 is having/going to have on performance departments
    • Smaller departments?
    • Shift in expertise?
  • Common conclusions to why performance coaches aren’t paid better
    • Supply vs demand
    • Lack of understanding of administration
    • New profession & lack of chartered status
      • Are these reasons correct?
  • Leadership/followership
    • Developing these qualities
    • At what level do they become a deciding factor
  • Tips for coaches
    • ‘Lower level’ to ‘mid-level’
    • Mid-level to senior level

David can be found on Twitter @daveslem

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