In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Associate Director at the University of Minnesota, Cal Dietz. Cal is someone that has influenced thousands of coaches all over the world through his book Triphasic Training. Not only that but Cal has created an incredible amount of resources in the form of videos, articles and tutorials which continue help coaches. It was an absolute honour to speak to Cal as he’s been on my list of people I have wanted to get on the podcast for some time.

In this episode we discussed…

  • Who is Cal Dietz (experience, background and current role)
  • Triphasic training
    • The methodology
    • Importance of eccentric focused training
      • Speeding up periodisation (2 ecc, 2 iso, 2 con)
  • Where does isometric training fit?
    • French contrast training
    • Importance of sequencing at different stages of a cycle
    • Performance pattern cycling
  • Training the foot and ankle
    • Assessing the need
    • Why so important
    • More important for some sports over others?
    • Ways to train
  • Breathing
    • The science
    • The benefits and your positive experiences
    • Practicalities of including in a programme
  • The goat performance drill
    • Circles
    • Core and stablisation
    • Neural perplexity
Cal can be found on Twitter @XLATHLETE

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