In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast I am speaking to Head of Physical Performance at FC Copenhagen, David Cosgrave. I am absolutely delighted to get Dave on this episode of the podcast. He has been studying the Master of Sporting Directorship at Manchester Metropolitan University and its because of this we focused a lot of this episode on how Dave manages and leads staff over in Denmark at FC Copenhagen.

In this episode, we discussed…

  • Who is David Cosgrave (background, education and current role)
  • Leadership & management
    • Philosophy on management of people
    • Building a team
      • Cultural fit
    • Molding a team
    • Followership
  • Players as stakeholders
    • Building & changing a culture
      • What does this actually look like day to day
    • Managing up as well as down
  • Performance role transitions
    • Practitioner to leader
    • Working at home to working abroad

David can be found on Twitter @davecosgrave

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