In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Industrial Professorial Fellow at the University of Birmingham, Barry Drust. Barry has been on the hit list for some time but I didn’t realise that he would take the title for the best job title ever in one fell swoop. Barry has an incredible amount of experience, both in the applied and academic world. He was one of the first sports scientists in football here in the UK alongside Chris Barnes and a number of others. To chat with Barry again was a pleasure and we dived into some really interesting topics which are outlined below.

In this episode, we discussed…

  • Who is Barry Drust (background, experience and current roles)?
  • Sports science
    • Where is sports science research at?
    • Gaps in education
    • Evidenced based practice
    • What is grossly overhyped in sports science
  • Doctoral training
    • Why pursue a PhD?
    • Is it becoming the new MSc
    • Various ways you can get one?
  • Practice-based research/evidence-based practice – is it important? How do you do it?
    • What might it do for your practice?
    • Barriers to PhD’s?
    • Characteristics needed to complete a PhD?
    • …and what is overrated?

Barry can be found on Twitter @BARRYD22

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