In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Chief Performance Engineer at Statspace, Taylor Johnson. Taylor came on the podcast 18 months ago to talk about esports. Esports has never related to performance and performance coaching, however, part 1 with Taylor completely changed my mind on that. It’s an incredibly interesting space and one that is growing exponentially. The opportunity for performance coaches to have an impact on a population that is hungry, passionate, and has great earning potential is huge. If you think that you view performance differently from other coaches, I would urge you to listen to this podcast.

In this episode we discussed…

  • Who is Taylor Johnson? (background, education and current role)
  • Esports performance marketHow that has changed since last time we spoke
    • What is expected of a performance coach in e-sports
    • Is this S&C as people know it?
  • Performance coach > esports performance coach
    • Pivoting into this area
    • What coaches can bring
    • What skills need to be developed
    • Performance coach > other industries (this is a really interesting one for me)
  • The future of esports on the performance side
Taylor can be found on Twitter @CoachT_Johnson

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