In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast, I am speaking to Fitness Coach at the Swedish national football team, Paul Balsom. Paul has almost 40 years experience working in our industry and is a true pioneer. He is heading up the UEFA fitness advisory board and is also a consultant for King Power (the owners of Leicester City and Leuven). This episode is framed around what UEFA is doing to provide a fitness framework for technical coaches through their qualifications. However, we also get an insight into what is coming down the track from UEFA as they plan to build qualifications for fitness staff which would sit on the same framework. So for anyone working in football, this is definitely something to keep an eye on. I should also give a huge shout-out to Chris Barnes who introduced me to Paul.

In this episode, we discussed…

  • Who is Paul Balsom (background, experience and current roles)?
  • UEFA Coach education (Grassroots to Pro) – Integrated approach
    • What are UEFA doing to support this at all levels and also specifically for the women’s game?
    • What does the modern coach working in professional football need to know about fitness?
  • Integration of technology
    • Process of choosing technology
    • What can’t we measure that has the potential to change practice?
  • The 24/7 lifestyle for players and coaches
    • Increased touch points = increased noise?
    • Empowering players (education)
  • Support staff
    • What happened to the old-fashioned fitness coach?
    • How much does a practitioner working in football need to know about football?

Paul can be found on Twitter @balsompaul

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