In this episode of the podcast I speak with Derek Evely who Stuart McMillan described as ‘truly one of the best coaches I have ever come across’. This interview came about when I put out a request on Twitter to see who listeners wanted on the podcast over the next few weeks, so thanks to Alex Natera (who featured in episode 44 and 45) for the connection. Derek is one of the go-to guys when it comes to the methodology of coach/methodologist Anatoliy Bondarchuk so the majority of this episode is discussing his experiences working alongside Dr. B and the ins and outs of the methodology itself.

  • Who is Derek Evely (education, background and current role)
  • Working for UK athletics and the build up to London 2012
  • Working alongside Dr. Bondarchuk
  • The Bondarchuk methodology
    • Thoughts on general strength methods
    • How this compares to the use of special strength exercises
    • Exercise categorisation
    • Exercise selection and its connection with the transfer of training
  • Transfer of Bondachuk methodology to other events/sports
  • Using velocity based training within the Bondarchuk methodology
  • Working with Dylan Armstrong and his work with Bondarchuk

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Classifications defined 3 pyramid EDITED


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