After Tweeting all listeners to see who people want to hear on the podcast, we have JB Morin on the phone for this episode. It feels like we have been trying for weeks to get this sorted out due to busy diaries and horrible internet connection, but we finally have it live. JB is a really interesting guy and someone I saw speak at the UKSCA conference in 2014 which was a very engaging review of his research. He’s the first guy on from mainland Europe which marks another first for the podcast!

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In this episode you will learn –

  • Who is JB Morin (education, background and current role)
  • Current research interests
  • What makes someone fast
  • Role of horizontal force production in acceleration
  • How does this differ to maximal speed
  • Based on this, what should the training focus be when looking at acceleration vs max speed
  • Training application for sprinters
  • Future research

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