In episode 65 of the Pacey Performance Podcast I talk to strength and conditioning coach for England 7’s, Dan Howells. Dan made an appearance in episode 31 alongside Sam Portland and Tom Farrow discussing all things rugby, so it was great to get Dan on a solo episode. Dan has great experience working at the English Institute of Sport and as you will hear is extremely open with what he is doing with England 7’s. Dan is also a very well connected guy and is always happy to share his practice and invite ‘experts’ in to add to his programme.

In this episode you will learn –

  • Who is Dan Howells (background, experience and current role)
  • Managing multiple data streams
  • Velocity based training and use of Gym Aware
  • Recovery in camp/tournaments
  • Practical speed training in rugby

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Dan can be found on Twitter @howellsdan



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