In episode 68 of the Pacey Performance Podcast I am speaking to Allistair McCaw who most recently known for his work in Tennis with Kevin Anderson. But looking at his CV (Here) you can see that he has working with some of the top athletes in the world in sports such as cricket, football, squash and tennis. The reason Allistair’s story and expertise really interest me is that he has been a ‘consultant’ all his career. This led us to discuss many things off air including marketing, advertising and everything in between. Also as an athlete Allistair has so much experience and I believe that he is successful not only because of his knowledge and experience but because of his hugely broad skill set, something we all should take note of.

In this episode you will learn –

  • How do you deal with the asymmetrical nature of tennis from an S&C standpoint? (James Darley)
  • What do you do for shoulder health? (James Darley)
  • Challenges faced specifically by tennis players on and off the court (Gary Hutt)
  • Different S&C with single and double handed back hands (Stu Roche)
  • Attention to foot strength when considering aggressive deceleration/acceleration in tennis? (Stu Roche)
  • Overall focus on deceleration and acceleration as skills?
  • Different training emphasis depending on court surface? (Stu Roche)
  • Preferred performance evaluations for tennis players? (Stu Roche)

Links mentioned in this episode –

Allistair can be found on Twitter @AllistairMcCaw

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