In episode 69 of the Pacey Performance Podcast I have the HUGE privilege of speaking to John Kiely. John is S&C coach for Irish Rugby and  Senior Lecturer in Elite Performance at the University of Central Lancashire having previously being the Head of Strength & Conditioning at UK Athletics. In 2012 John published an article in the International Journal of Sports Physiology an Performance looking at periodisation paradigms in the 21st century and it was this article which led me to reach out to John to come on the podcast. He also discussed periodisation, planning and prediction for UK Athletics HERE. After this chat with John, I need to get him on for a part 2…

In this episode you will learn –

  • Who is John Kiely (background,experience, current role etc)
  • Periodisation research
  • Views on periodisation
  • Periodisation fits our need for structure and predictability?
  • Adding structure to the chaos – Monitoring
  • Taking the emotional state into consideration

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