In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast I am speaking to a great friend of mine, Chris Tombs. Chris and I have become good friends after he appeared on episode 8 of the podcast. It was a pleasure to get Chris on again and chat about his journey from working in the U.S in rugby as a high performance manager to coming back to the U.K and working in cricket. I love Chris’ perspective on S&C and there are so many pearls of wisdom in this episode.

Before we get into the chat with Chris, I would like to introduce Coach Me Plus to the podcast who are going to provide a bi-weekly insight into a range of topics which effect coaches and athletes daily. This episodes topic is dehydration. CoachMePlus provides an applied sports science software platform designed to meet the needs of athletic trainers, front office professionals, and strength and conditioning coaches.   With customized solutions for each team, CoachMePlus has become the standard across the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, MLS, CFL, NCAA, NCAA D3, performance gyms and military.

This episode is also sponsored by Vald Performance, the team behind the NordBord

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