In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast I am speaking to Assistant Professor at East Stroudsburg University, Tim Suchomel. Tim is an expert when it comes to Olympic lifting and their derivatives which was great as we haven’t discussed Oly lifting at length on the show before. Tim goes into great detail and I know there will be tonnes of take aways with this episode.

In this episode you will learn –

  • Who is Tim Suchomel?
  • Ssummary of research area
  • Olympic lifting and the f-v curve
  • Periodising the Olympic lifts and derivatives
  • Olympic lifting and speed development
  • Incorporating weightlifting pulling derivatives to complement catching derivatives

There are so many links which Tim mentioned in this episode but he was kind enough to put the list together which I have included below.

Comfort et al. articles:
“The effect of load and sex on kinematic and kinetic variables during the mid-thigh clean pull”

“The Effect of Loading on Kinematic and Kinetic Variables During the Midthigh Clean Pull”

DeWeese et al. articles:

“Strengthening the Springs”

“The training process: Planning for strength–power training in track and field. Part 1: Theoretical aspects”

“The training process: Planning for strength–power training in track and field. Part 2: Practical and applied aspects”

Haff et al. article:
“Effects of different set configurations on barbell velocity and displacement during a clean pull”

Hoffman et al. Weightlifting vs. Powerlifting training:
“Comparison of Olympic vs. traditional power lifting training programs in football players”

Minetti and Zamparo articles:
“On the mechanical power of joint extensions as affected by the change in muscle force (or cross-sectional area), ceteris paribus”

“Interplay among the changes of muscle strength, cross-sectional area and maximal explosive power: theory and facts”

Otto III et al. Weightlifting vs. Kettlebell training:
“Effects of weightlifting vs. kettlebell training on vertical jump, strength, and body composition”

Tricoli et al. Weightlifting vs. Jump training:
“Short-term effects on lower-body functional power development: weightlifting vs. vertical jump training programs”

Stone et al. articles:
“A theoretical model of strength training”

Suchomel et al. articles:
“Weightlifting pulling derivatives: Rationale for implementation and application”

“Force-time curve comparison between weightlifting derivatives”

“Kinetic comparison of the power development between power clean variations”

“Lower extremity joint velocity comparisons during the hang power clean and jump shrug at various loads”

Tufano high volume cluster set article:
“Cluster Sets Maintain Velocity and Power During High-Volume Back Squats”

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