In this episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast I am chatting with one of the ‘go-to guys’ when it comes to auto-regulatory training and velocity based training, Bryan Mann. Bryan is a super nice guy and it was a real pleasure to finally speak to him.

In the episode we spoke about –

  • Bryan’s background, education and what he is currently doing

  • What is APRE (auto-regulatory progressive resistance exercise)?

  • What other forms of auto-regulatory training are there?

  • How important is bar speed in strength & power training?

  • What are the important metrics when assessing bar speed?

  • The best tools for assessing bar velocity Bryan’s major influences throughout his 16 year career

Bryan mentions a lot of resources throughout this episode so I have made a list of as many of them as I could find below –

Bryan’s Phd – A programming comparison: The APRE vs. linear periodisation in short term periods

Mladen Jovanovic – Pacey Performance Podcast #6

Research applications of velocity based strength training – Mladen Jovanovic & Eamonn Flanagan

The APRE eBook – Bryan Mann

Carl Valle – Pacey Performance Podcast #15

Speed vs. speed strength – Bryan Mann via EliteFTS

APRE – The fastest way to get strong – Bryan Mann via EliteFTS

Push Strength blog

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