In the episode of the Pacey Performance Podcast I was absolutely blown away by this guest. Rob Taylor is the founder of and has worked with a wide variety of teams all over the world including Australian women’s lacrosse, Anaheim Angels, Tampa Bay Buccaneers & Tampa Bay Mutiny. Rob’s enthusiasm for his job was infectious in this episode and his openness in all he does was a pleasure to listen to.

In this episode we spoke about –

  • Rob’s background, education and what he is currently doing
  • The SMARTER Team Training philosophy
  • How to incorporate speed training with team sport athletes
  • Rob’s ‘go-to’ pieces of technology
  • How you can maximise the transfer of training to actual performance
  • Tactics to make sure athletes are living well outside the gym
  • What you should be expecting from interns
  • The biggest influences of his career so far

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