After the unbelievable success of the Special ‘Football’ Edition of the podcast, the natural progression was to get a couple of guys on for a rugby edition. Tom Farrow, Dan Howells and Sam Portland give their insight into a variety of areas when it comes to the physical preparation of rugby athletes. With such a varied background, all three guys speak candidly about their experiences and give a really rounded view of what its like to work in rugby, issues they encounter and how they get the best from their players.

This was the first time I had covered topics which were put to me on Twitter so thank you to Stuart Roche (@stuartroche1), Laurent Sietz (@laurentbsietz), Ross Tarnowski (@rosstarnowski) & Michael Cheverton (@m_cheverton) for their input into this episode.

In this episode you will learn –

  • Who are Tom Farrow, Dan Howells and Sam Portland and how they got to where they are today
  • How Dan periodises training between legs of a series
  • How GPS is used in rugby
  • Should we be burning the speed ladders or do they have a place
  • Should we be squatting in season
  • Go-to power exercises
  • What methods are being used for post-training/post-match recovery
  • How exercises are cycled to reduce detraining of movements with lower priority

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