In this episode I speak with strength and conditioning coach to Edinburgh Rugby, Ashley Jones. I first got to know Ashley through Tom Mclaughlin after we were discussing future guests for the podcast. Tom mentioned how open Ashley was with his programme and his methods, so had to get him on. Ashley is a great guy and although only ‘booked in’ for a 30 minute chat, we ended up talking shop for much longer, which was an absolute pleasure.

In this episode you will learn –

  • Who is Ashley Jones, his background, education and how he got to where he is today
  • How Ashley’s practice has developed over the years
  • Incorporating strongman exercises into a rugby programme – how, when , if at all
  • Strength and conditioning for the amateur player
  • Off-season conditioning for rugby
  • Power training for team sports
  • Are Olympic lifts essential to a rugby programme
  • Testing for rugby and how this informs practice

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