In episode 74 of the Pacey Performance Podcast I welcome sports scientist and researcher at Geelong Cats and Deakin University, Jacquie Tran. Jacquie has been on my radar for so long after a colleague of mine presented at a conference as was lucky enough to have Jacquie produce ‘sketch notes’ of the presentation. Jacquie was an unbelievable guest to have on the podcast with her experience in analytics, fatigue monitoring and of course, sketching. If you haven’t checked out Jacquie’s sketches or you want to know more about Jacquie work/research, just visit

In this episode you will learn –

  • Who is Jacquie Tran (background, experience and current role)?
  • Predictive modelling and its application
  • Understanding training load
  • Profiling athletes
  • Wearables – validity and reliability
  • Sketching

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Jacquie can be found on Twitter @jacquietran



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