Welcome to the first installment of the Pacey Performance Webinar Series with Dan Baker.

Saturday 10th October, 10:00am BST

  Webinar recordings provided to all attendees



Who is Dan Baker?

Dan is one of the world’s leading authorities in strength and power training for athletes. A PhD in sports science specialising in the testing and training of strength and power, he has the scientific knowledge and practical know how to implement effective strength and power training for athletes. Unlike most PhD’s, he does not work as a full time lecturer or in a laboratory – he trains athletes. No science bullsh*t – just the stuff that works.

What will Dan Baker cover in this webinar?

In this webinar Dan Baker will cover the problems faced by many pro sports in the early to mid-2000’s (and still today) when younger (17-20 yrs) athletes encounter problems in training, what causes these problems and the steps taken to address them. Specifically it will look at the Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) plan of the Brisbane Broncos that was developed to ensure strong, fit and robust/resilient athletes were being prepared for the rigours and intensity of NRL level rugby league competition.  It will look at Dan’s different stages of resistance training development and progression, with their differing objectives and training content for both strength and power development.

How much is it and what do I get?

The webinar cost is only £14.99 ($23 USD/$32 AUS) to listen to Dan Baker present real world, no bullsh*t information, which you can use right away.

Dan will present for 1 hour and will take 20 minutes of questions from attendees at the end.

The interactivity of this webinar makes it like no other CPD opportunity.

You will also receive the slides (excluding data) upon cessation of the webinar.

What if I cannot make the time or day? 

All attendees will receive an email with a link to the webinar recording. This recording will be valid for 7 days after the webinar has finished to give you plenty of time to watch again or tune in if you missed the live version.

This interactive CPD opportunity with one of the world’s leading experts in strength and power is a MUST SEE!